India, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, is a world itself. You can find endless listicle telling you how to make the most of a trip to India. They can be exhausting, confusing, and heavily influenced. What’s more, they are bygones and can be wrong. We help you save your time, energy, and money so you can focus on living every moment of your trip to India, whether it’s a day in rural India, a specific festival you want to attend, ancient art you want to explore, authentic cuisine you want to learn about, any tribe in which you are interested, a spiritual journey through the Mahabharata or Ramayana, or anything extraordinary you want to experience. We focus on you—how do you want to experience India? And when we do, we make sure you have a great time experiencing it. For us, every single traveler is unique, has a unique way of traveling, and is looking for a real experience in India.


When planning a trip to India, this is probably the first question that comes to mind. You try to Google it; what do you find there? The endless booking sites selling their packages, but you tried hard to find the information you needed. You even accept the site’s “cookies” to see the information behind those large popups. Yet you are not sure enough whether the information about places is verified or not!

You spent a lot of time researching and finally have a list of places that you want to visit on your trip to India. Now ask yourself a question: What are you going to experience in that particular city? And you hit Google again, and you find a lot of things describing a lot of other things you can experience in that place, but guess what? They are just different people sharing their different experiences at that particular time.

After spending a lot of time researching, you now have a list of potential places to visit, and as you have read a lot about those places, you have an idea of the experiences you can have there. You want to explore some local handmade products but have no clue about the local market or shops; you manage to find a shop thanks to your Google research time, but are you sure about the authenticity of the products there?

You are in India and haven’t tried the authentic local cuisine. How can you leave this behind? Known for its diversity, the food in India is a vibrant assortment of uncountable dishes. But do you really know where you can have that authentic taste? Don’t say I will google this and read about it. As always, there will be endless experiences from endless people, and it is not an easy task for you to choose the authentic one.

You’ve probably heard or read about the tourist scam in India; however, these scams can occur in any tourist destination. Carelessness can get you in trouble, not just in India but anywhere in the world. We have found that the main reason for these scams is basically not having the correct information about the place you are visiting and the random service provider you are trusting while traveling.

Even after researching for a lot of time, there are still more answers that you need to find about your trip to India, like how you can pay for services in India as an Indian, how to get an Indian SIM card, and how to say common words in “Hindi.” In India, you can also come across “What-When-Why-Where” at any time. If the answers are available, who knows if the information is verified or not?


Share some common details with us

If you are planning to visit India, From cultural to wellness and heritage to voluntourism, whether it is solo, couple, or group travel, elderly or differently abled, this year or next year, or anything else that you want to experience, we can manage it all. Just share some common trip details like the trip month, year, and the experiences (i.e., the annual Kanwad Yatra) with us through the “Start Your Experience” button.

We will get in touch and start working

We respect your privacy, and we do not share any type of information with anyone, not even for marketing purposes. When we receive the common details from you, we will get in touch with you the next business day and confirm the basic details at your preferred time. You can also share any type of additional information regarding your trip to India. After the completion of this process, we will start working on it

We send you a travel plan specifically created for you

After receiving all the common details from you, the team starts creating a travel plan specifically according to your requirements. The travel plan includes the experience tags (i.e., nightlife, culture, or heritage); the best route map and mode of travel; things to experience; local cuisine worth trying; handicrafts to explore; entry fees; and timings of various places, along with the verified answers to your What-When-Why-Where.

Truly unlimited changes until you say “It’s Perfect”

The process of creating a specific travel plan can take 3 to 5 days. We will also send you any type of update on your travel plan whenever you reach us. While we work seamlessly to create the travel plan error-free, if you have any changes or concerns about dates, the route map, modes of travel, or anything else with the plan, we offer you truly unlimited changes until you are fully satisfied with the travel plan.

Its free or you can V0luntary Pay us any amount you like

We are not a travel booking site, and we do not work on commission. With the right information, you can minimise your India travel expenses. As scribed in the name, ATITHI means “Guest” in Indian culture, and we clearly don’t want a guest to get scammed or have issues experiencing the best of India. While we work seamlessly to make things happen on our own, you can also Voluntarily Pay us any amount to help us run.

It’s not ended yet, while in India, we provide you with 24/7 support, no matter what it takes

Nothing less, as stated in the title. Whether there is any issue with train timings, any issue related to health, or any safety-related issue, just drop a message on the helpline; we’ve got your back. When we create that specific travel plan for you, we collaborate seamlessly so that you can experience your entire trip to India without any problems. While you are in India, we provide you with 24/7 support.

“There are three trips you take to India:
the one you think you’re going to have - that you plan for, the one you actually have; and the one you live through once you go back home.”

-Erin Reese

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