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Step 1 – Provide basic trip info (i.e. number of travelers and days in India) via the “Start my journey” button

Step 2 – We will follow up with relevant info and provide applicable services (i.e. visa assistance, true guide and more)

Step 3 – Upon arrival receive the India Readiness Kit (local sim and pay) along with all services and 24/7 support till departure.

The plan includes various services for foreign tourists visiting India. These services include visa assistance, resolving safety and health issues, local sim, local pay, 24/7 journey support till departure and more.

The subscription fee starts from $3 per user per day. The subscription ends on your departure.

No, you have to pay official Indian government fee only.

We provide assistance in resolving safety or health issues during your trip to India. We offer unbiased info to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

We provides a complimentary plan (like places to explore, local food to try, local products to buy) based on your interests. The plan changes according to you.

The kit involves a local sim and local pay.  You can pay for services in India as an Indian and avoid hefty transaction charges.

We do not do bookings but we can assist you in availing various travel-related services without paying commission to third-party vendors, which mostly goes up to 30%. We also help minimize the commission on various other services.

Yes, the 24/7 journey support is available to help you navigate India. It include various kinds of support such as resolving travel-related queries, emergency assistance, coordination with local authorities, and help you make informed decisions during your trip.

Can’t find it? Don’t worry. Just because it’s not here, doesn’t mean we can’t do it.
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